In celebration of DH Day 2017 the NYU Shanghai Research and Instructional Technology Services (RITS) team are pleased to contribute a selection of the varied projects we’ve been undertaking this year across the school to enhance teaching and learning with technology.

  • We’ve been focused on several GIS projects this semester including Heather Lee’s ‘New York: History of the City and it’s People’ which utilizes tools, services and support here in Shanghai as well as via Data Services in NY. Heather is using a variety of tools including ArcGIS Online, Storymaps and MapWarper, as well as custom geolocation services.
  • Ann Greenspan’s class, ‘Street Life and Food in the 21st Century’ also used ArcGIS Online as well as Fulcrum and Storymaps to gather data on streetfood issues and development across Shanghai. The class gathered new data as well as incorporated data from three previous semesters in order to visualise a variety of student created stories and analysis.
  • The English for Academic Purposes (EAP) group at the school have been enthusiastic in promoting student produced video using iMovie over a number of semesters allowing students to explore global and local themes while expanding their analytical skills in working with academic texts, readings and spoken word content.
  • EAP are also key NYU Shanghai users of the Voice Thread NYU Classes LTI integration using the service for peer review and critique of a wide range of video and multimedia artifacts as well as using the tool for faculty-facing student project evaluations.
  • Lena Sheen’s ‘Global Connections’ class also incorporated iMovie as a component of ethnographic field work around Shanghai with students involved in gathering interview content and other data exploring urban themes across the city.
  • Our Digital Studio has been evolving over the past year and several instructional video workflows have been developed with faculty for use in both flipped classroom contexts as well as in blended and online classes. A ‘Lightboard’ was commissioned and built and is now in heavy use by various faculty included Todd Meyers and Clay Shirky, allowing the creation of immersive video that incorporates both written, slide and video forms into the video allowing a more natural presenting style for instructional use.
  • Our varied efforts in the studio have been contributing to our expanding list of online classes – following on the back of our first online class developed by Andrea Jones-Rooy, (using the Open edX platform) in Spring 2016, we have been tasked with developing 5 new courses for Fall 2017. Todd Meyers classes in Global Public Health, ‘Fraud’ and Pestilence’, Almaz Zeleke’s ‘Capitalism, Communism, Socialism’, and two online Chinese language clinics intended to offer study away students in AY 2017 a way towards remaining on track with intermediate and beginner level Mandarin studies.
  • In a new collaboration with NYU’s Steinhardt – close support and development of a new MA TESOL blended program to launch in Shanghai in 2018. The RITS team will support instructional video production as well as offer close local support and input into pedagogy and instructional design of the program, launching a pilot in Spring 2018.
  • In a recent development the team will take part in two NYU working groups focused on evaluation of video annotation tools as well as web conferencing tools and services. Both Mia Zhou (Senior Faculty Technology Specialist) and Yun Dai (TEE Assessment Fellow) will take part offering their recent experience in using and evaluating tools in both areas for the RITS team.