The studio design is optimized for videos with a single subject appearing on camera, typically a presenter in a fixed location speaking directly to viewers through the recording with the aid of a teleprompter. The presenter can use the touch screen TV in the studio which can display powerpoint slides, diagrams or serve as a white board.

“10 Truth about Social Media”
Presenter: Clay Shirky
Background: touch screen TV
Set up: 2 cameras
Purpose: (public-facing video series)


Instructors can bring in a student, a colleague or a guest from outside of the university to create interview videos. We use the same process and can accommodate 2 people.

“Complexity – course lecture”
Presenters: Andrea Jones-Rooy, Oscar Fossum
Set up: 1 camera, 2 mics
Purpose: NYU Shanghai online distributed course


You can record a video that introduces your personal background, research areas, or give advice to students. Post-production by RITS team can add annotations to the video.

“Social Science and Humanities Capstone Seminar”
Presenter: Almaz Zelleke
Background: backdrop
Set up: 1 camera
Purpose: capstone seminar


RITS team can add a professional look to your videos and help illustrate your subject matter with intros/outros, lower-thirds, character animation, motion graphics, and kinetic typography.

“Maxwell’s Demon”
Presenter: Andrea Jones-Rooy
Background: green screen
Set up: 1 camera
Purpose: NYU Shanghai online distributed course

Green Screen

Use a greenscreen with various custom background choices to create professional digital content. Unleash your creativity with this design and discover new ways to engage students.

“Fraud Case 1: Piltdown Man”
Presenter: Todd Myers
Background: green screen
Set up: 1 camera
Purpose: online course Fraud

Light Board

The innovative Light Board can be used to create engaging course videos. The instructor writes on a transparent surface with markers, as if writing on a whiteboard, while looking through the glass into the camera. The increased eye contact with the camera engages the student with the material being presented.

“Light Board Demo”
Presenter: Clay Shirky
Background: backdrop
Set up: 1 camera, 1 light board
Purpose: demonstrate how to use light board