Stata Interface

Graphical User Interface

The five main windows in Stata are Review, Results, Variables, Properties and Command.

The Review window shows the history of commands, both the successful ones and the errors indicated by “_rc”, the error codes.

The Results window displays the past commands and the textual results.

The Variables window lists the variables’ names and their labels.

The Properties window, by definition, summarizes the various properties of a variable.

More on the Stata user interface from the Stata manual

The Toolbar on top of the Results window gives us easy access to several features, most of which are self-explanatory.

Getting Help

Type help command to look for the syntax and usage of a command.

Type search keyword to 1) search a topic in Stata’s local keyword databases and the net materials; 2) if we do not know the exact command name; or 3) if we want to search for a user-written package to download.

Author: Yun Dai, 2018