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Social Media for Social Good: Twitter API Deciphered in Small Bytes - Fall 2021

Farmers Protests in India and Mobilization of the Diaspora on Twitter
Stein Monteiro, Senior Research Associate @ CERC Migration & Integration
A Social Media Study on the Effects of Psychiatric Medication Use
Bruno Abrahao, Assistant Professor of Information Systems and Business Analytics @ NYU Shanghai;
Global Network Assistant Professor @ NYU
Twitter API Walkthrough
Suhem Parack, Senior Developer Advocate @ Twitter
Peta Bencana (Disaster Map Foundation in Southeast Asia)
Nashin Mahtani, Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 2021;
Director @ Yayasan Peta Bencana (Disaster Map Foundation)

"Lying with Data" Series - Fall 2018 & Spring 2019

Advocacy with Graphs

Jeffrey Lehman, Vice Chancellor @ NYU Shanghai
Getting Truth out of Opinion Survey

Xiaogang Wu, Visiting Professor of Sociology @ NYU Shanghai;
Chair Professor of Social Science and Public Policy @ Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Understanding Causal Inference

Yiqing Lu, Assistant Professor of Finance @ NYU Shanghai;
Global Network Assistant Professor @ NYU
Stop Being Fooled by Advertisements

Dengfeng Yan, Associate Professor of Marketing @ NYU Shanghai;
Global Network Associate Professor @ NYU
Trivia, Game-based quizzes
Proposed: Blind Spots in Machine Learning
Proposed: Fraudulent reporting on pharmaceutical trials